Do the fine details really matter?

Do you ever wonder if the intricate details at your party matter? Will the colour or style of your favour boxes REALLY matter? Will anyone ever really notice whether you have foiled hearts or sugared almonds at your wedding? And let’s be honest, will it even make a difference if you have any of these little details at all?

If you’re a family member organising a baby shower for the proud Mum to be or a Bride who just can’t decide between ivory, cream or white foam roses for her special day, there’s probably a little doubt in your mind whether anyone will even notice all the sleepless nights you’ve had from perfecting every part of your event. How you travelled 300 miles to find the perfect rose gold ribbon in the right size for your invitations, or how you and the other half got into a heated debate because you wanted rustic favour boxes and they wanted black ones which you think seriously DON’T go with the vintage theme you envisioned.

Either way, organising all the bits and bobs for a christening or any other social event you’re planning can be time consuming. Here’s how we (Perfect Tables) come into it. We believe all the elaborate details you add to your parties matter, not just a little bit, A LOT. All the intimate details represent you as person (or as a couple!) and it’s important when people come to your events that they can not only see all the effort but also FEEL the personal edge, the kind of details that make everyone say “oh, that’s SO you!”.

This is why we make it a priority to have all of your favourite ribbons, favour boxes, cake toppers and confectionery pieces all under one roof. We want to take care of all the niggly bits for you so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying making your day extraordinary. So pour yourself a glass of wine, or make a cuppa if you’re off the booze, and take a calm scroll through our new website.


Lauren, Perfect Tables Ltd.

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