DIY Ribbon Storage.

Let’s face it, ribbon can be annoying

 Anyone else ran what feels like a half a mile mini marathon after dropping a reel of ribbon on the floor, who decided ribbon reels had to be circular anyway? It’s like you turn your back for two seconds and they run straight for the door, leaving a strategic satin lined trail behind them.

Buying a ribbon holder or stand for your colourful runaways can be expensive, usually ranging from £18.99 to £34.98 (Prices are just from a quick browse on eBay). Then you may possibly have to buy multiple of these if you have an extensive amount of ribbon like us! Who’s got the spare funds? Not us.

SOLUTION! Over here at Perfect Tables we took your average Roundline guttering (Roundline so it’s able to accommodate for the circular reels) and screwed it horizontally onto vertical wood panels using the brackets, as you can see in the pictures. This allows us to store large amounts of ribbon neatly and organised into style, make, textures (or however you wish!) and also allows easy access for cutting lengths, win win! You’re welcome.

If any of you try this or have tried this comment below on how it works for you!

Lauren, Perfect Tables Ltd.

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